Community and
School-Based Support.

These services offer one to one support, groups and peer support that can be accessed in schools and other community-based settings, such as community centres, youth clubs, libraries and cafés.

The support is focused on the areas of your life that matter to you, for example, identity, bullying, worry, body image, exam pressure and so on. We will help you set goals that are important to you and your family, and will work with you to achieve them.

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Bradford Youth Service, Sharing Voices Bradford, North Yorkshire Youth & Roshni Ghar

Our Buddies offer two different types of service, depending on what works best for you...

A. Up to 12 weeks 1:1 support from a Buddy who will help you build trust in others, increase your confidence, resilience and self-worth and support you to explore new opportunities and positive activities. Your Buddy can link you in with people and places in your local community so you feel safer, more connected and in control.

B. An initial 1:1 session with a Buddy followed by an introduction to a small peer support group (led by a Buddy) where you can make new friends, talk to people who have had similar experiences, build your confidence, learn new skills and get access to exciting opportunities.

Our Buddies can visit you at home, in the community or at school.

How to refer

Referrals for a Buddy can be made through your School Nurse, CAMHS worker or directly to the Buddy who visits your school. If none of these apply to you, or you want to know which Buddy visits your school, please contact Bradford Youth Service on 01274 437959 and we will be happy to help.

"With the help of the Buddy I became confident; I also became an achiever. I am doing an apprenticeship in a primary school, I was presented with a number of opportunities such as being a youth advisor, being in the youth voice and influence group and even participated in a BBC radio interview."


"My daughter's life turned around. I got my daughter back. She grew confident, she began to focus at school and was rewarded by passing her GCSEs."


"My Buddy helped me get back to school, motivated me. I was down and stressed and had given up on education. I did a big u-turn. I even passed my GCSEs. What a turn around in life."


Live in Craven? Contact our Craven Buddy, Laura, on 07387 101639 or

Peer Support

Bradford Youth Service, Sharing Voices Bradford, North Yorkshire Youth, Barnardo's & Roshni Ghar

All young people referred to Youth in Mind can access small peer support groups. The groups are locality-based and are run by and for the young people who attend (with a bit of support from our Buddies and WRAP facilitators!)

How to refer

Please contact Bradford Youth Service on 01274 437959 for more information about our peer support groups and how to join a group near you. If you live in Craven, contact our Craven Buddy, Laura, on 07387 101639 or

"They offered someone my daughter could talk to and a safe place for her to go."


"Lots of different things to do with different people, good support, easy to get in contact with my Buddy."



Yorkshire Mentoring

Trained community volunteer mentors offer 1:1 support for 3 to 6 months as a progression from Buddy support or WRAP for those who need it.

Mentors use a solution-focussed approach to help you build connections with your local communities, become more independent and to set and reach your goals.

"My mentor was really friendly and helpful. I looked forward to the next meet up planned and felt comfortable."


"The mentoring my daughter received through Yorkshire Mentoring was excellent. She built a trusting relationship with the mentor and it helped her confidence and anxiety."


Referral to a Mentor is a progression from Buddy support or WRAP.
Please speak to your Buddy or group facilitator to be referred.

WRAP Group Programme


You can attend a 10-week group programme called WRAP, which stands for Wellness Recovery Action Planning. WRAP groups offer a safe and fun space where you will make friends, play games, do art work and enjoy "good mood foods."

Through WRAP you will learn about how you can keep yourself well and cope with difficult times and challenging feelings. You will create your own plan to help you feel better, control your own life, understand your feelings and achieve your goals.

"WRAP helped me to be more happy and confident."


"It helped my son come out of isolation, build up his confidence and positivity. My son was more in control of his emotions…his referral to WRAP was a good thing and reinforced the Buddy's work."


If you're interested in attending a WRAP group please contact Barnardo's on or Katie Hayton on 01274 513300.