Information and

These services give helpful information, advice and guidance that you and your family can use to better understand what you’re going through, build on your strengths and learn practical ways to manage your well-being. They can also signpost you to other support that you might find useful.

If information, advice and guidance doesn't help things to improve, or you feel you need more help to get things back on track, contact one of the services that provides Community and School-Based Support to see how they can help.

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Digital Application


MYMUP is an online early self-help tool available 24/7 for all young people referred to Youth In Mind. You can build a profile and complete fun online interventions that will teach you about lots of self-care topics including mindfulness and relaxation, confidence building, diet and exercise, managing finances, relationships, mental health and loads more!

"The person who came to talk to us about MYMUP seemed to have an understanding of how to try and engage my son."


"I really liked the online app and worked through sessions on anger management."


Ask your Buddy, Mentor or Group Facilitator about getting access to MYMUP.

LIVE Webinars


Our LIVE webinars are available to schools across the district looking to deliver broad public health messages to whole classes and/or assemblies. We work with health professionals across the district, including school nurses and CAMHS to deliver a wide range of topics via webinar, including Energy Drinks, Bullying, Sleep, Resilience and Bereavement.

"The videos were engaging and included the right amount of information for the learners to digest. The worksheets and feedback forms were simple and effective for learning. The activities allowed for a focused class discussion about the topic and led to future learning objectives."


Interested in LIVE Webinars for your school? Contact to find out more.