Urgent &
Crisis Support.

These services offer an urgent response when you are in crisis, or when you need immediate help to manage risk. You and your family will be offered a range of support to help keep you safe and prevent things getting worse.

You will also get help with crisis planning so you feel more confident and prepared to deal with crises in the future.

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Crisis De-escalation and Intensive Ongoing Support

Safer Space at Towerhurst, Creative Support

Any age

Children, young people and parents can access support with crisis de-escalation and intensive ongoing support via phone support sessions, live chat and video calling.

The Safer Space at Towerhurst offers a same day response to referrals as well as ongoing intensive support as needed to help children, young people and parents through crisis and into lower level, longer term wellbeing services, when appropriate.

Crises could be around a wide range of matters, such as emotional distress, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, hearing voices, anxiety, low mood, body image, bullying, difficulties with gender identity and so on.

How to refer

Self-refer by calling 01274 585885 10am - midnight weekdays or 2pm - midnight weekends. Outside of those hours please call First Response to be referred on 01274 221181. Professionals can make a referral using the form below.

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"I like the people here, they're so nice to me and make me feel better and I have a good rest."


"I really liked listening to music with staff."


If you want anymore information or would like to have a look around the Safer Space at Towerhurst please email towerhurst@creativesupport.co.uk.

Urgent Mental Health Support

CAMHS Duty and First Response, Bradford District Care Trust

All ages

If you are in mental health crisis and require an urgent response:

  • During office hours call CAMHS Duty on 01274 723241 or 01535 661531.
  • Out of office hours call First Response on 01274 221181.