Youth in Mind in City

Youth in Mind in City is a group of five services which together, provide a dedicated pathway and range of support from conception to age 25.

Youth in Mind in City is funded through the CCG’s “Reducing inequalities in City” work stream, which means its service are available to children, young people and families who live or are registered at a GP or attend school in one of the following postcodes: BD1, BD2, BD3, BD5, BD7, BD8 or BD9.

What we do:

  • Work with children, young people and families in their communities.
  • Build networks, capacity, knowledge and community resilience across generations.
  • Promote prevention and early intervention.
  • Promoting effective, accessible, strengths-based and outcomes-focussed approaches.

The Youth in Mind in City services:

Inspired Young & Healthy People

Inspired Neighbourhoods

For 9-13 year olds.

Inspired Neighbourhoods offer solution focused support around social, emotional and mental health via delivery of the Nurture Group Programme within schools. The programme is 8 sessions and for a maximum of 10 young people per group. They also provide 8 sessions of 1-1 work to those young people with an identified need following completion of a Nurture Group.

Nurture groups teach strategies to build resilience, teach through games and interactive activities aim to reduce social isolation, help young people feel less helpless and enjoy a greater sense of feeling heard.

How to refer

To enquire about Nurture Groups contact George or Wafaa

Know Your Mind

Mind in Bradford

For 8-19 year olds or up to 25 with additional needs.

Know Your Mind offers mental health and emotional wellbeing interventions to young people via peer support, psycho-education, wellbeing groups and 1:1 sessions.

Young people can join their group sessions to discover new information about mental wellbeing and connect with their peers. They can also see one of their experienced Community Wellbeing Workers for 1:1 support, either as a one off or up to 12 sessions for more continuous support.

Additionally, we can also provide mental health awareness training for staff in different community settings in the Bradford central area. Please contact us for more details.

Know Your Mind also provides support to existing groups such as after-school and lunchtime clubs by giving information advice and guidance about improving mental and emotional wellbeing and reducing stigma. They can deliver talks to social or activity groups/clubs, classes or assemblies, deliver training to workforces to increase confidence and competence to talk with young people about mental health, and they can tailor their offer to suit the needs of young people, schools and organisations.

How to refer

Professionals can complete the referral form below:

Download Know Your Mind Referral Form

To self-refer, please complete the form at this link:

To make an enquiry call Charlotte or Sophie on 01274 730815 or email

Little Minds Matter

Bradford District Care Trust

From conception to age 2.

Little Minds Matter is a multidisciplinary team consisting of clinical psychology, health visiting, family therapy, parent-infant psychotherapy, midwifery, and community engagement and support workers. They work with families and professionals with the aim of supporting the early relationships between babies and their carers. The service consists of:

  • Direct Clinical Work – 1-1 and group work with families aimed at promoting secure attachment relationships and improving social and emotional development in infancy.
  • Training – striving to empower practitioners to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with families who are struggling in their early relationships.
  • Consultation – offering a safe and containing space for practitioners to get support advice and guidance.
  • Community Engagement – reaching out to members of society who are 'easy to ignore' and sharing key messages about the importance of babyhood as a time of development.

Little Minds Matter accept referrals from conception to age 2 who are experiencing difficulty with bonding or attachment and who are not on Child Protection plan.

How to refer

Little Minds Matter take referrals from GPs, Midwives, Health Visitors, Mental Health Practitioners, or other health, social care or educational professionals. Our process is as follows:

  1. Call 01274 251 298 for a telephone consultation or email
  2. Complete a referral form
  3. We typically arrange a joint visit with the referrer when we start to work with families

Specialist Early Attachment & Development (SEAD) Service

Bradford District Care Trust

From 0-6 years of age.

The SEAD service is a multidisciplinary team which includes psychiatry and occupational therapy. They offer support to 0-6 year olds and their families; carrying out a thorough period of assessment, sharing their understanding with parents and deciding together on the intervention that will be most beneficial.

SEAD offers a range of therapeutic interventions to address emotional and relationship dynamics, and nurture understanding, including parent-child therapy, systemic/family therapy and parent sessions. They also offer individual therapy for the child when appropriate.

SEAD works with vulnerable families where there have been significant adversities and/or risks of actual maltreatment. They accept referrals for infants and children aged 0-6 years where there are two or more of the following:

  • Emotional and/or behavioural issues
  • Concerns around the child’s development such as developmental delays
  • Parent-child relationship and/or attachment difficulties or issues
  • Issues or risks of maltreatment when the child is still living with their family and there may be concerns around attachment trauma and disorganization and a social worker is allocated
  • Issues with parental and/or family psychology that are affecting, or have the potential to affect, the relationship dynamic /attachment security, wellbeing and development

How to refer

Complete the referral form here: or call Dr Sarah Handley on 01274 723241 or 01535 661531 to discuss a referral.

Contact Dr Sarah Handley on 01274 723241 or 01535 661531 to discuss a referral to SEAD.

Young People's Social Prescribing Service


For 9-19 year olds.

The Young People’s Social Prescribing Service is a team of Youth Workers who provide 1-1, tailored support. Over 6 to 12 sessions they build positive relationships with young people and connect them into wider activities and support. We also offer young people to the opportunity to raise their voices through guided self-help.

Our Youth Workers can go with young people to try out new activities and access new support groups. We can also set up small groups to give young people a safe space to meet regularly.

This service helps young people to reduce isolation, improve self-esteem and confidence, develop positive relationships, make positive choices and keep themselves well.

How to refer

Please complete the referral form below:

Download HALE Referral Form

To make an enquiry of for more information, email